Purple Vegetables

purple vegetables

Purple used to be a color reserved only for Royalty. It was a sign of status. It fits, then, that foods which are purple are ones that can improve your health and diet. The health benefits of blueberries and even the acai berry have been in the spotlight for some time, but there are other foods that share the deep hue … Continue reading

Hydroponic growing systems for the novice


Hydroponics is a method of cultivating plants without using soil Typically, a nutrient solution is used, i.e. by supplying the plant’s water supply with all the required nutrients. This technique has gained popularity in recent years, likely due to the fact that it allows harvest all year round, regardless of the weather conditions. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of … Continue reading

The Raging War on Self Sufficiency

michael beauchamp josee landry self sufficiency

Several local councils in the United States has come under the light recently, due to restrictive regulations on the types of animals and plants that an individual could have in their own backyard. Let’s have a look at a few high-profile cases. Vegetable gardens Julie Bass is an Oak Park resident who has gotten in trouble with the local authorities … Continue reading

The GMO Seed and Plant Controversy

gmo seed plant

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are organisms whose DNA are altered, usually by the insertion of genes from another organism. Reasons for their modifying organisms include increasing their shelf life and resistance to pests. Unsurprisingly, public resistance to these so-called ‘frankenfoods’ have been immense. Other parties, meanwhile, contend that genetically modified plants and seeds are perfectly safe to consume. Let’s disregard … Continue reading

Can Mushrooms Save the World?

Can Mushrooms Save the World

Mushrooms and the Environment Listen to  John B. Wells joined by Paul Stamets in this video. He has been a dedicated mycologist for over thirty years. Discussion how mushrooms can enhance the health of our forests, gardens and bodies. Explanation how major extinction events may have contributed to the increase in the numbers of fungi. With more than 5 million species … Continue reading

The Urban Gardening Daily News Roundup

The Urban Gardening Daily News Roundup

Your latest urban gardening news roundup Keep up to date with all the latest on Urban Gardening, GMO issues and other related matters from around the web Coming Soon GrowTest – Popular Posts: Urban Gardening What is Urban Gardening? Urban gardening, urban farming and urban agriculture can be loosely defined as growing or farming that takes place in and around… Guide … Continue reading

Urban Gardening

urban gardening

What is Urban Gardening? Urban gardening, urban farming and urban agriculture can be loosely defined as growing or farming that takes place in and around cities and towns – in urban areas – and each one is a bit of a general term with a definition that can vary and overlap depending on the individual situation. For example, it can … Continue reading

The Victory Garden

grow food everywhere

Archive video of the Holder family in Maryland laying out a quarter acre Victory Garden during World War II. Most of the gardening work is done by Grandpa Holder and his teenage grandchildren Rick and Amy and from the looks of the film. There is an annual garden of peppers, tomatoes, pole beans, potatoes, asparagus and sweet corn. Then, there … Continue reading

Aquaponics One Man’s Quest

Starting an Aquaponics farm in Australia, Citizen Peng shows how it is done – From scratch GrowTest – Popular Posts: How to Grow Potatoes Peter Cundall shows you how to grow potatoes directly on top of lawn using the no-dig method. This segment is extracted from Gardening Australia’s Patch… What is Aquaponics? Aquaponics A sustainable food production system that combines … Continue reading