Can Mushrooms Save the World?

Can Mushrooms Save the World

Mushrooms and the Environment Listen to  John B. Wells joined by Paul Stamets in this video. He has been a dedicated mycologist for over thirty years. Discussion how mushrooms can enhance the health of our forests, gardens and bodies. Explanation how major extinction events may have contributed to the increase in the numbers of fungi. With more than 5 million species of fungi on the planet. Some interesting facts about Fungi … Continue reading

Urban Gardening

urban gardening

What is Urban Gardening? Urban gardening, urban farming and urban agriculture can be loosely defined as growing or farming that takes place in and around cities and towns – in urban areas – and each one is a bit of a general term with a definition that can vary and overlap depending on the individual situation. For example, it can be used to refer to a household keeping a fruit … Continue reading

The Victory Garden

grow food everywhere

Archive video of the Holder family in Maryland laying out a quarter acre Victory Garden during World War II. Most of the gardening work is done by Grandpa Holder and his teenage grandchildren Rick and Amy and from the looks of the film. There is an annual garden of peppers, tomatoes, pole beans, potatoes, asparagus and sweet corn. Then, there is the late garden with beets, squash, late potatoes, late … Continue reading

Are Monsanto’s pesticides partly responsible for the collapse of the bee

collapse of the Bee

Well according to Natalia Sanchez they are. And what a good article she writes. Natalia states: Over the years research has been conducted to understand why the bees have been disappearing, and the culprit seems to be Monsanto’s genetically modified herbicides and pesticides. Monsanto, a chemical and agricultural biotech company, has received quite the bad reputation from activists across the spectrum because of research linking them to human related issues … Continue reading

Purple Potato – Purple Majesty

purple majesty potato

The purple majesty. This particular purple potato variety not only tastes great it also has the highest anti-oxidant of any potato on the market according to Preston Stanley, manager of the Colorado Certified Potato Growers Association. It looks like there are going to be plenty more new and worthwhile introductions of purple vegetables onto the buyers market over the coming years. See more at: Image by: Colorado State University … Continue reading

Plants growing in strange places

Plants growing in strange places

It is interesting to see how adaptive plants can be. Any one else got some evidence of plants growing in strange places. This series of videos were taken in Australia, I think. It looks like only 9 plants growing in strange places videos were made and not 25. … Continue reading

Backyard Beekeeping

Backyard Beekeeping

A great series of videos on Backyard Beekeeping or Apiculture for the purists. Here are a couple of questions from the series:- 1. Does feeding the bees with sugar in spring diminish the quality of the honey harvested? 2. If the 2 hives were next to each other, why the weather killed one colony and not the other? The answers:- 1. I haven’t observed any issues with the honey harvest. … Continue reading