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The Encyclopedia of Country Living

Product Name:The Original Manual of Living off the Land & Doing It Yourself
Author:Carla Emery
Publisher:Sasquatch Books
The Encyclopedia of Country Living
Everything you need to know in the Encyclopedia of Country Living - Buy here

Since 1969, the author Carla Emery added to this encyclopedia and this 40th anniversary edition features over a million words, over 1500 mail order sources and over 2000 recipes!

It is a huge resource for all manner of country skills ranging from plant growing and cultivating to keeping a host of animals.
Carla Emery sadly passed away in 2005 but this encyclopedia, her life’s work, lives on to offer tips and advice for all those wanting to so it themselves in the country.

Within you can learn how to create a vegetable garden and grow all sorts of grains, grasses and vines.

You can learn how to keep chickens, goats, cows; even bees.

It will teach you what to do with your produce such as milling flour, churning butter and canning peaches.

There is also practical advice for larger scale projects such as building barns and cabins.

Anyone living, or hoping to live, self sufficiently or homesteaders of any scale will find this book essential reading.

If you want to know how to sharpen your own axes, build your own chicken coops or grow your own coffee these are just some of the skills this book will teach you.

Book Specifications for the The Encyclopedia of Country Living The Original Manual of Living off the Land & Doing It Yourself

Author: Carla Emery
Publisher: Sasquatch Books
Book Dimensions: 8.4 x 1.7 x 10.8 inches
Pages: 928
Format: Paperback

Other formats available: Kindle


  1. Packed with useful information on a large range of subjects.
  2. Written to be useful for all levels of expertise.
  3. An ideal reference resource.
  4. Revised edition contains up to date information.


  1. As it has been revised and added to over the years the layout is at times a little random.
  2. Being such a large resource covering so much, some topics are only briefly touched upon.
  3. This book really is a one stop shop for everything you could possibly want to know about living off the land and country living in general.

One feature many have found really useful is the fact that when the book mentions something you should use it provides a mail order source to purchase it from.

With over 1500 of these it really takes the hassle out of searching for supplies.

The 2000 recipes also come in very handy when deciding what to do with all your produce.

The other main benefit is simply the scope the book covers as it can be referenced time and time again as and when it is needed making it the only book you will need on your shelf concerning country living.

The 40th anniversary edition of this living off the land manual contains more useful info than ever before.

With practical advice on plants, animals, building and other country pursuits it is the only book you’ll ever need when it comes to doing it yourself in the country.

Benefit from the wealth of knowledge Carla Emery spent a lifetime collecting and create your very own homestead with The Encyclopedia of Country Living.

Everything you need to know in the Encyclopedia of Country Living - Buy here

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