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Fast Food Nation – The Dark Side of the All American Meal

Product Name:The Dark Side of the All American Meal
Author:Eric Schlosser
Publisher:Mariner Books
Fast Food Nation – The Dark Side of the All American Meal
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Fast food has wheedled its way into the national psyche and is often seen as nothing out of the ordinary and something millions eat every single day. However there is a more sinister side to the fast food industry.

Award winning journalist, Eric Schlosserl, reveals the dark side of this huge industry and exposes how it has impacted America and the entire Western culture, for the worse. With harrowing facts and statistics it can at times be uncomfortable reading as Schlosser lets us know “what really lurks between those sesame seed buns”.

He takes a look at where it all started when food began to be churned out factory line style and how it has shaped the culture of today.

It addresses concerns faced today including the enormous factories producing the food, the dubious materials found within the products and the lack of accountability in those responsible.

This book brings to attention the worrying attitudes those in charge seem to have over safety and government regulations and the fact the general public are seemingly powerless to escape the clutches of the all encompassing fast food industry.

This new revised edition is as relevant now as it was when first released in 2001. It now includes content on organic and local foods and discusses how we all need access to cheap yet healthy food.

Book Specifications for the Fast Food Nation

Author: Eric Schlosser
Publisher: Mariner Books
Pages: 387
Format: Kindle

Other formats available: Hardback, paperback, audio CD


  1. Detailed research offers in depth insight into the fast food industry.
  2. Packed with fascinating facts and statistics.
  3. Looks at the big picture as well as individual stories


  1. The many facts and figures can make you feel overloaded with information.
  2. Author’s views are set in stone so not overly objective.
  3. The author blames many of America’s widespread problems on the fast food industry when for a lot of the issues it may be a contributing factor but certainly not the one major cause.


This is a must read for people interested in the truth behind our eating habits and perfect for the bookshelf of anyone looking to think differently about the way they eat.

The majority of readers have found this book to be compelling and insightful yet a lot of the time hard going as the truth is not always pretty.

It gives an overview of an industry that most of us have no real knowledge of.

It is essential reading for those wanting to be better informed but definitely not for those with a weak stomach!

This scathing expose on a billion dollar industry gives readers to opportunity to know all the facts and make an informed decision into whether fast food really is the right choice for them.

The Dark Side of the All American Meal is hard hitting, no holds barred, piece of journalism that will leave you feeling shocked, saddened but also empowered by your new knowledge.

Get the lowdown on The Dark Side of the All American Meal - Buy Now!

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