In A Chicago Suburb, An Indoor Farm Goes ‘Mega’

An Indoor Farm Goes Mega

BEDFORD PARK, Ill. (AP) — Farming in abandoned warehouses has become a hot trend in the Midwest — with varying degrees of success — as more entrepreneurs worldwide experiment with indoor growing systems in attempts to grow more food locally. Now one facility, FarmedHere LLC in suburban Chicago, is attempting to take indoor warehouse farming to the “mega farm” level, in a … Continue reading

Cancer of Corruption, Seeds of Destruction: The Monsanto GMO Whitewash

The Monsanto GMO Whitewash

Because of the power vested in the EU Commission in Brussels, Belgium, with command over a space encompassing 27 nations with more than 500 million citizens and the largest nominal world gross domestic product (GDP) of 18 trillion US dollars, it’s perhaps no surprise in this era of moral promiscuity that powerful private lobby groups such as the tobacco industry, … Continue reading

Can Your Own Food – Grow food not lawns

can your own food

While the people of the United States become increasingly more dependent on the supermarket and restaurants to feed themselves, Doug Miller of Southeast Ohio is focused on becoming more self-sustaining. Miller was raised on a farm and has been canning food since his youth. The benefits of farming and canning food are not just his own, though. The food grown … Continue reading

Edible City: Grow the Revolution

Edible City is a fun, fast-paced journey through the Local Good Food movement that’s taking root in the San Francisco Bay Area, across the nation and around the world. GrowTest – Popular Posts: City of Orlando: Uproot Your Vegetable Garden or Pay Us $500 a Day In November, Local 6 broke the story about the controversial garden after the city told … Continue reading

How to build a Keyhole Garden

A Keyhole Garden has a composting basket built into its center. Water and compostable materials in the center – feeds and waters the crops in the surrounding veggie growing area. GrowTest – Popular Posts: Hugelkultur – The ultimate raised garden beds Hugelkultur is raised garden beds that reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation and fertilizer. This video shows the … Continue reading

Natural Farming with Masanobu Fukuoka

Natural Farming with Masanobu Fukuoka

One hour with the legendary Masanobu Fukuoka GrowTest – Popular Posts: The Straight Poop on Sustainable Farming with Joel Salatin Peak Moment talks with farmer Joel Salatin who says sustainable agriculture requires both native grass perennials and herbivores (cattle) to build soil, mimicking patterns found… Natural Insecticides for a Vegetable Garden Learn how to use natural insecticides like chili pepper … Continue reading

Vandana Shiva on Food Justice

Vandana Shiva on Food Justice

“Genetic engineering has never been about saving the world, it’s about controlling the world.” – Vandana Shiva GrowTest – Popular Posts: Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world? The biggest players in the food industry—from pesticide pushers to fertilizer makers to food processors and manufacturers—spend billions of dollars every year not selling food,…

The Gift

The Gift is a portrait of Dan Jason, a pioneer in seed farming who has gone against the grain of industrial agriculture. He shares with us an alternate vision of the bounty nature provides. The Gift | Jean-Marc Abela from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo. GrowTest – Popular Posts: The Integration of Living Space with Agriculture Permaculture Design from Jean-Marc … Continue reading