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Urban Gardening Urban Farming and Urban Agriculture – Explained

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Urban gardening, urban farming and urban agriculture can be loosely defined as growing or farming that takes place in and around cities and towns, in urban …

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Gardening Related How to Resources

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GrowTest How to Resources I thought it would be a help for you creating this resource page that you can always refer to. Saving your time …


Hydroponic growing systems for the novice

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Hydroponics is a method of cultivating plants without using soil Typically, a nutrient solution is used, i.e. by supplying the plant’s water supply with all the …

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The Raging War on Self Sufficiency

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Several local councils in the United States has come under the light recently, due to restrictive regulations on the types of animals and plants that an …

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The GMO Seed and Plant Controversy

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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are organisms whose DNA are altered, usually by the insertion of genes from another organism. Reasons for their modifying organisms include increasing …

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Can Mushrooms Save the World?

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Mushrooms and the Environment Listen to  John B. Wells joined by Paul Stamets in this video. He has been a dedicated mycologist for over thirty years. Discussion …

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The Victory Garden

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Archive video of the Holder family in Maryland laying out a quarter acre Victory Garden during World War II. Most of the gardening work is done …