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A great series of videos on Backyard Beekeeping or Apiculture for the purists.

Here are a couple of questions from the series:-
1. Does feeding the bees with sugar in spring diminish the quality of the honey harvested?
2. If the 2 hives were next to each other, why the weather killed one colony and not the other?

The answers:-
1. I haven’t observed any issues with the honey harvest. This past year I had a bumper crop. They aren’t making honey in the supers from that sugar water at this point. Regardless, there is little choice as otherwise they would starve.
2. Unfortunately I don’t know. USA Annual losses from the winter of 2006-2011 averaged about 33 percent each year. I don’t think anyone fully understands why this is so.
In your warm weather climate you at least have the opportunity for year round harvests however if you don’t have consistent and bountiful nectar flows you still might not get much honey.

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