Can Mushrooms Save the World?

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Mushrooms and the Environment

Listen to  John B. Wells joined by Paul Stamets in this video. He has been a dedicated mycologist for over thirty years. Discussion how mushrooms can enhance the health of our forests, gardens and bodies.

Explanation how major extinction events may have contributed to the increase in the numbers of fungi. With more than 5 million species of fungi on the planet.

Some interesting facts about Fungi from the video discussions.

Upto 25% of the worlds bio mass on land is made of Fungi

Up to 40% of the humus on the forest floors are actually fungal filaments

The Mycelium, a cobweb like substance is virtually every where, normally seen on rotting logs. Mycelium, so dense and so fine that in a single cubic inch there can be 8 miles of these fungal filaments.

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