How to Build Raised Beds Ebook

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How to build Raised Beds EbookBuilding a raised bed

Over 20 images over 6 pages

This Ebook has detailed instructions for building a raised bed. The examples can be adapted for your preferred size, height, and shape.
There is also information on buying raised beds, including wood from sustainable sources. This activity is a great opportunity to involve the community.

Including: Tips for buying wood

• Buy second hand or recycled wood where possible, though it can be more difficult to find out whether it was treated with preservatives. Avoid the use of preservatives wherever possible. They are, by their nature, persistent and toxic products.
• Buy new timber from sustainable sources. Look out for accredited wood products such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).
• Most timber sold for outdoor use may already have been treated with preservative and not labelled as such, eg ‘pressure treated timber’. Timber sold for indoor use is likely to be more expensive, but will be untreated. Scaffolding boards are good for bed edging, being sturdy and a good width. They are usually untreated, but always ask.


How to Build Raised Beds Ebook in PDF available on the How to Resources page

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  1. Traci Jean says:

    Good morning to you,
    I really like your raised garden beds.
    I clicked on the link to well, I presumed to download your plans however, it just took me to a page that said”this page has movemoved or is no longer available” . Please let me know how to get the plans for your raised garden beds?
    Thank you warmly,
    Traci Jean

    • Grow says:

      Hi Traci Jean
      Thanks for pointing this our – There is an issue, trying to resolve it now – Please check back in a day or two

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