Are Monsanto’s pesticides partly responsible for the collapse of the bee

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collapse of the Bee

Well according to Natalia Sanchez they are. And what a good article she writes.

Natalia states: Over the years research has been conducted to understand why the bees have been disappearing, and the culprit seems to be Monsanto’s genetically modified herbicides and pesticides. Monsanto, a chemical and agricultural biotech company, has received quite the bad reputation from activists across the spectrum because of research linking them to human related issues like autism, cancer, and obesity. But, evidence suggests that Monsanto’s GMO’s have negative ecological consequences as well, and are partially responsible for the collapse of the buzzing bees.

Natalia goes on to say:

What’s more, is that it is not just Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) that’s causing the problem. On their Save The Bees page, Greenpeace explains the use of pesticides, especially neonicotinoids, causes acute and chronic poisoning not just of one bee, but of the entire colony. When the bees collect the nectar and pollen from flowers of plants engineered to produce these systemic pesticides, they bring it back to the hive and store it in the honeycombs. The younger generations of bees, which eat these reserves, are then exposed to the pesticides severely damaging their ability to function normally.

Most certainly need more information coming out into the open about this and can only hope that, if proven, those responsible do at the very least ‘own up’ and take responsibility.

Somehow I think that is highly unlikely, don’t you Monsanto?

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